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Press for James Kennedy, 'Noise Damage' and Kyshera

"Required, revelatory reading"

Metal Hammer Magazine

"Easily the greatest book ever written about music & being in a band"

Eric Alper, Sirius XM

"Play it loud, play it proud & Make Anger Great Again!"


"Quite simply a glorious record"
Classic Rock Magazine

"A rejuvenating addition to the crowded shelves of rock autobiographies"

Guitar Magazine

"every aspiring musician or band leader should read"

Metal Talk Magazine

"will leave you exhausted by its sheer musical breadth"

BBC Radio 1

"If Kyshera’s quest is for individuality, then they’ve hit the mark"

Rock Sound Magazine

"as much a love note to music as it is a cautionary tale about its pitfalls"


"to use the word ambitious in relation to this meisterwork is to underplay the scene considerably"
The Big Issue

"Kyshera have successfully reached their obvious target: breaking the mould"


"a rough, sharp & often confessional book that is absolutely undeniable"

Fireworks Magazine

"Relentless, high energy, enthralling"

Trebuchet Magazine

"an hour of music that leaves one gasping for breath and a desire to immediately repeat the experience all over again"


"There is a twisted genius lurking in there somewhere"
Rock Regeneration

it's impossible to put words to this inspired madness. I love it! 5/5"

Big Cheese Magazine

‘An absolute must-read!"

My Spilt Milk

"An enjoyable, funny, emotional & painfully honest maelstrom that is Kennedy’s gripping story"

Scene Point Blank

"like a furious animal that changes its trajectory to disorient its prey"

Tutto Rock Magazine, Italy

"Written with humour, humility & insight"

V13 Magazine, Canada

"A masterstroke. 9/10"

Powerplay Magazine

"an authentic and visceral portrayal of contemporary society in music"

Spazio Rock, Italy

"James Kennedy makes a declaration of war with 'Make Anger Great Again'" MoreCore, Germany

"The Soundtrack for a new social movement" 

No Sweat UK

"Kyshera tore through their set as heavy and loud as a runaway 747...a flawless set of intense music"

CashBox Magazine, Canada

"a band you can NOT miss!"
Up Magazine, Netherlands


Rhythm Magazine

"a big musical head rush for the mind, body and spirit"
Flavour Magazine

"one of the UK’s most exciting and inventive bands"
RingMaster Review

"One of the best bands in  the UK today"

Tony Iommi, Black Sabbath

"I'm a full-blown convert. This is a band that absolutely must be seen live"
BlogTo, Canada

"his talent is unmistakable"

Pure M Magazine

"'Make Anger Great Again' is an exciting journey into the mind and soul of a versatile artist"

RockBook, Hungary

"powerful songs that anticipated the wave of social protests"

Zvuki, Russia

"A thoroughly enjoyable read"

Rock'n'Load Magazine

"mastermind James Kennedy is more exciting than 90% of bands today"


“'Made In China' has what it takes to bring modern prog to the masses"
Battle Helm

"Talent on a stick"

Total Music Magazine

"a unique talent"

Made in Shoreditch Magazine

"his positive attitude, hard work and commitment to music is inspiring"

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